For us, our co-workers are the fundamental pillar of the organisation, which is why the program "Grupo Belén Emprende" was created, where workers in different areas have the possibility of becoming internal entrepreneurs.

Internal enterprise is the business process that allows and encourages workers to initiate, lead and put into practice new ideas and/or radical improvements within the organisation in which they work. It allows innovation to be generated within the organization through internal entrepreneurs who add value in different processes.

Our aim is to establish a system of internal innovation, covering topics ranging from dissemination and training to generation, selection and implementation of projects. For this reason, a pilot project was launched in the year 2011, in which new projects emerged that are already being carried out successfully. In addition, we have continued with a second cycle of workshops, producing new projects that are being evaluated today, in order to continue with new workshops in the future.


We are also concerned to prevent drugs and alcohol among our co-workers, so we are implementing the program "Trabajar con Calidad de Vida" ("Working with Quality of Life") in conjunction with the National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drugs and Alcohol Consumption (SENDA). This program is designed to prevent consumption of drugs and alcohol inside the organisation and in the homes of our co-workers.

Finally, we are against discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race or disability and reject any kind of sexual or work harassment.